Drafts is an anonymous collective of artists from Western Catalonia (Spain) with a common vision of the electronic music scene as well as a common taste for different kinds of Techno.
After a personal and artistic relationship that has kept us intermittently in contact through the years, endings 2016 we decided to join forces, take a step forward and create this platform that allows us to express ourselves with total freedom.
With anonymity we defend the power of music to speak for itself without tags or any commercial sales arguments.


Drafts Basics Series is a serie within the Drafts label, created to release music by artists from outside the Drafts collective.
Although it is a separate series, it has points in common with the mother label: it is released only on vinyl and it is not explained who is the real artist behind each release.

In the Drafts Basics Series, we release music by well-known artists from the international Techno scene that have a work philosophy and a vision of the scene similar to ours.
Continuing with the idea that we are looking for the records to be sold because the music is good and not by who is behind, the records will not be signed by the real artist.
We can do this in three different ways depending on each release.
– Not giving any information at any time.
– Not giving any information at the time of releasing the record but revealing the real artist a few months after the release date.
– Releasing under a new alias created by the artist himself and never used before, so unknown.

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